InTheMiddle Studio

Stone path on a river

Reused tyndall stone is cut, and repurposed into a path, furniture and riverside patio.

Steel line for Professor Landois
Carl Andre, 1977

diagram exloring water level and social programs on river

The Red River meanders through the city of Winnipeg where Johann and Lisda own a residential riverfront property.

The fluctuation of the Red River is dramatic: water levels range greatly this, precipitation patterns, ground saturation, and ice damming.

The diagram highlights the seasonal variation of the water level with the social programs permitted by the temporal phenomenon. For example, in winter, the frozen river becomes boundary-less, the river is now an ideal ground for snowshoeing, nordic skiing, snowmobiling, yet come spring the river becomes a border, only permitted by boats.


Dale Wiebe
Branton Leskiw
Matthew Rajfur
Matthew Sawatsky
Jacqueline Young