InTheMiddle Studio

Pop-up bookshop
Identitcal wooden boxes are stacked making both a place to sit and storage for books 

The team recently attended a lecture by Inaki Abalos where he spoke about the designer's 'backpack of ideas'. Sometimes, we make ideas for a project but nothing happens, so we store them in our backpack to use another time. Since our early days as barista/designers at MAKE Coffee+STUFF in Winnipeg, we've been trying to make a furniture/staircase. The ambition is simply to simultaneously make somewhat of a landscape inside a shop while making use of that territory to store or display things. I guess we can't even really claim to have invented that idea either. But, staircases are great to support all sorts of public functions, so we're into it.

Furniture and space with designed with Smallstudiosemi, Alexis Léger

Graphics Design, Alexis Léger

Furniture made by: irokawa takeshi, seung-eun, seul-ki, jungwu, chulhyun, eun

Hirokawa takeshi,
Alexis Léger