InTheMiddle Studio

Pool in a backyard

Residential pool, with concrete retaining wall, grassy slope and native plantings.

Roberto Burle Marx, Sao Paolo, 1956

Dan Kiley, Hamilton Garden, 1965

We have always been inspired by modernist designers and landscape architects. The distinction of horizontal spaces with clear change in material. The obedience and fascination with grids and guides (on the ground, and with vertical points). 

The lawn is seperated clearly from the concrete surface. The native grasses are seperated from the lawn with a steel edge. The 4 baltic birchs are organizing vertical elements that will offer splintered light in the middle of summer and variable colour in spring and fall. 

The facade of the Victorian house guides the horizontal spaces on the ground. 


Dale Wiebe
Branton Leskiw
Matthew Sawatsky

Jacqueline Young