InTheMiddle Studio


A urban plaza design competiton to memorialize the events of the 1919 General Strike in Winnipeg, Manitoba

A crowd of rebar sways freely, yet bound within a stationary white powder coated space frame. The steel fills the entire site. During the Winnipeg General Strike an estimated number of 30 000 people occupied the downtown. In this moment the city was witness to an incredible resonance that was felt by citizens on both sides of the picket line.

On June 21, 1919 armed police officers clashed with the workers' unions and silencend those fighting for humane working conditions and a better life. Today, even when the site is vacant, the rebar will maintain a presence downtown. OCCUPY may allow few to have the voice that many once had, or provide a scaffold for future forum. OCCUPY embeds itself permanently, yet resonating in memorial to the silence that existed in the summer of 1919 .

Matthew Rajfur
Kent Mundle
Dale Wiebe
Tyson Monk

Herbert Enns

University of Winnipeg
History Professor

Mark Sound of project