InTheMiddle Studio

Interior for limited edition bookstore
Renovation of bookstore interior with peculiar display shelves

The name of this store is 초판서점 (cho-pan seoh-jeom), which means 'First Edition Bookstore'. The shop sells mostly limited edition artful books. Usually bookstores need to pack as many books as possible into the storefront as a simultaneous storage and display. This strategy didn't seem to make sense for books which are 'Limited Edition' and therefore more precious. So, the space was first divided into a spacious display space and a more condensed storage in the back. The full catalog can be browsed online anyway, so a newer or curated selection of books can be displayed more carefully in the front. In Seoul, bookstores and small shops are incredibly popular, such that each has to stand out in quite a unique way. As well, few people often linger in the shops for a long time, so the client requested that each piece of furniture would inspire a unique or peculiar interaction, which could encourage people to explore the entire space. The conventional equipment made for gymnastics inspired this sort of peculiar character, while also offering a sort of functionalism to easily change the shop's layout as different sets of books are curated. For instance, the climbing wall rocks identify genres or sets of books, and the wall rack can link up with the gymnastics equipment.


Designed by Smallstudiosemi, Kent mundle

Wood printing by Hirokawa takeshi

Graphic designed by 6699press

Furniture made by, Smallstudiosemi Takeshi, Hong9, Yunsuk, Marrel, Jiwu , Jungwu