InTheMiddle Studio

Citizen garden
A public garden made of 2015 blue flags installed in a 50cm x 50cm grid, on each flag a portrait of a Winnipegger. 

“Cool blue flag poles rise out of the ground like the tall prairie grasses that once encompassed and followed the meandering river-shore. The repetition of polls provides a light yet protective shield from the hot sun that beams down during Winnipeg summers. Once inside the garden, movement of the flags reminds the user of the relieving affects a summer breeze can have upon them. Collecting and organizing each individual’s notion of what cool means to them as well as having their face printed on a flag, demonstrates both the diversity and unity that exists in the city that thrives in the middle of Canada.”





Matthew Rajfur
Branton Leskiw
Kent Mundle
Corey Doucette
Dale Wiebe
Taylor Gould 
Sam MacRae
Kayla Leskiw